Keeping Chickens – A Beginner’s Guide You Should Follow

Here are the very fundamentals of chicken care each new chicken keeper must find out and comprehend before they go into chicken keeping.


The very first thing you have to consider is how you will shelter your chickens. Chickens have to live in a secure environment that is created and built especially for them. Chicken coops have to serve numerous functions. They have to have the ability to maintain the chickens sheltered from weather that is bad as rainfall and cold are 2 large enemies of chickens, and also heat in several places.

A chicken coop has to hold the chicken dry and from the wind. What this means is they have to be built sturdily. It needs to possess a roof that does not leak and walls which do not let the blowing wind blow right in. Lighting inside a coop may often provide comfort to chickens, particularly on the small chicks.

The floor of the coop may be made from lots of materials and also maybe put forth using a lot of types of litter (there are plenty of kinds of litter which chicken keepers use, for example, wood shavings, sand, hay or straw, etc.), though the floor must be dry and fresh at all times regardless of what litter is utilized.

Ventilation is one condition that is difficult for lots of people and solves confuse being from drafts for superior ventilation. Good ventilation implies that the warm wet air obviously produced in the coop by the birds as well as their droppings are able to depart the coop quickly.

And lastly, the coop has to be predator-proof. You will find all kinds of predators that would like to consume chickens – from raccoons to hawks. Snakes love to consume eggs plus baby chicks. Sometimes the neighbor’s dog could be a serious threat.

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The basic rule on a room per chicken is thus: For the coop, you will need four square feet per standard size bird and two square feet per bantam. In the run, you will need eight square feet per standard-sized chicken along with six per bantam. And naturally, the more space you are able to supply in their living quarters, the greater.


Thankfully, nourishing chickens and keeping their food requirements fulfilled is simpler compared to housing. You will find scores of formulated chicken feed offered that is scientifically established to deliver all of the simple necessities of chicken food needs. You are able to find these feeds at every feed store. Supplementing this particular diet is not necessary but chickens do relish it.

You might end up sampling various chicken feeds to look for one your flock likes best. Chicks require a special meal, and layers require another kind. Thankfully the information about what to feed and when’s always printed directly on the bag so you understand what you are feeding.

Feeders created for chickens are being sold. Whatever way to decide to provide your feed for your flock is up for you, though exactly the same rules apply to food needs to be saved from having poop in it, and also it’s staying fresh and dry. And, it must be available to installing flocks at most times.

Water is also a thing that chickens require regular access to and it must be fresh and clean and always accessible. Chicken waters are not hard to locate. A few must be heated to keep drinking water from freezing solid in winter months. You will find scores of DIY watering methods readily available to take a look at over the world wide web, as chicken keepers will never be happy with watering systems.

Overall Health

Unfortunately, chickens are susceptible to a great deal of sickness and parasites, a lot like other pets and people are. Chickens also do such things as eat their very own eggs, and even cannibalize. Chickens have to stay engaged and psychologically healthy, also.

A clean living environment that’s well ventilated and much good food and clean water is a great start to helping make sickness at bay. Getting a sizable room to graze and peck at is needed – always keeping in brain the basic demands for minimum space needs will even help to keep birds happy and healthy.

Plus, while chickens are needy, like every other pet, when their requirements are met, they create great additions to the household. They naturally fit in with many any person existence. Chickens are excellent backyard animals!