7 Best Crystals for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Seasoned crystal-lovers know that each stone has its own unique healing properties. For example, Hematite is a great stone for keeping you grounded and balanced, while Lepidolite helps to soothe anxious feelings by soaking up negative energy.

Similarly, Amethyst, Celestite and Fluorite are great stones for relieving stress and anxiety by encouraging open communication. Meanwhile, Black Tourmaline is effective for protecting yourself from the people or situations that cause you to feel overwhelmed.

1. Smoky Quartz

Many people, especially A-list stars and celebrities, swear by crystals to uplift their mood and ease anxiety and depression. While there’s no scientific evidence to prove that crystals are effective as a replacement for medical treatment, they can definitely help with emotional and mental upliftment.

Smoky Quartz is a brown-to-black crystal that possesses a number of healing properties that can benefit those who struggle with anxiety and stress. It is renowned for its ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy and boost optimism, helping you stay grounded and calm during challenging times.

It is also helpful for anyone doing shadow work or embracing their darker qualities, as it offers a gentle protection and grounding. In addition, it fosters a sense of compassion and self-love, which is beneficial for managing anxiety and stress.

Other crystals that are popular for anxiety include Howlite, which helps soothe raging emotions and improves communication, as well as Red Jasper, which promotes feelings of nurturance and comfort. Amethyst is another popular choice, as it has calming vibes and can promote restful sleep, making it ideal for those struggling with insomnia.

2. Labradorite

Labradorite is another crystal that has wonderful calming benefits. It can help you connect to higher realms, which helps you feel more grounded and connected to your intuition. It also helps you dispel illusions and see the truth behind situations that might cause anxiety.

This crystal is especially helpful for those who struggle with anxiety related to self-love or relationship issues. It can help you let go of negative emotions like anger, jealousy or resentment and replace them with love and compassion for yourself and others. It also brings a sense of trust and security to relationships.

You can use this crystal as a necklace, bracelet, pendant or even place it in your home or office. You can also incorporate it into your meditation or relaxation practices. Using crystals for anxiety is a great complement to any other holistic treatments or psychiatric care that you are receiving from your doctor.

Other gemstones that are good for anxiety include Amethyst, which has incredible calming energy. Light blue stones like Blue Lace Agate and Celestite, and purple crystals like Lepidolite are also great for balancing the emotions and encouraging you to go with the flow. Black Tourmaline is a good stone for stress and keeps EMFs at bay, so it’s great to have around your workspace or living space.

3. Celestite

The sky-blue crystal Celestite is a spiritually cleansing stone that helps you connect to your guardian angels, spirit guides and divine powers. Whether you believe in these higher powers or not, the high-frequency vibration of celestite is like a guiding light for your soul towards love and harmony. Keeping raw celestite crystals on your nightstand or even just carrying one with you can bring a sense of safety, security and peace to the heart and mind.

Lepidolite is another crystal that helps soothe frayed nerves and promote a deeper sense of inner calm, especially when it comes to social anxiety. This crystal is a “calming stone that brings you back into the present moment, away from worry and future-tripping,” says Askinosie.

This crystal is also great for resolving conflicts in relationships as it heals the throat chakra and encourages open communication. The cooling vibes of this crystal are particularly beneficial for hot-headed Taureans. It also supports the spiritual development of clairvoyants, which can help to ease anxiety and stress.

4. Moonstone

Lepidolite is one of the most calming crystals for anxiety, soothing your emotions and promoting a sense of peace. This delicate, translucent stone is also known for balancing your energy and increasing intuition, making it a great choice if you’re trying to make big decisions that require calm, clear thinking.

Similarly, Moonstone’s feminine energy soothes fears and helps ease hormonal mood swings, making it a great choice if your stress is connected to your relationships. It is said to promote empathy, so it’s good for people in leadership positions or managers who may have trouble staying in touch with their team members and employees.

There are plenty of other crystals to try if you’re suffering from anxiety or stress. Blue kyanite is like a chill pill for your inner being, while Aquamarine and Topaz are both exceptionally calming and can help you connect to the feeling of love. These stones are also associated with abundance, so they can help you feel more confident in yourself and in your abilities if your anxiety is linked to self-worth issues. Try placing them around your home or keeping them in your pocket to pull out when you need them most.

5. Celestite

This blue-green crystal is a calming ally for anxiety and stress, helping you find a deeper level of calm and relaxation. Celestite is also known to unlock amazing dreams while you sleep, which can be a wonderful way to let your worries go.

This purple gem has long been revered as the ultimate calming stone. It’s said to help release negative energy, irritability and anxiety so you can feel more balanced and relaxed, says kinesiologist Stacey Bout. It’s also great for women who are experiencing hormonal stress, like PMS or a struggle with infertility. Grape Agate is also a purple gem that you can check out.

Another balancing crystal is smoky quartz, which helps to connect you to your root chakra for feelings of safety and security. It’s also believed to promote clear communication, which is important during stressful times.

If you need a boost of self-love, try hematite. This crystal is often used to remind you of your true strength and beauty. It’s also a good reminder that you can’t control everything all the time, and that being okay with a certain degree of powerlessness can actually be a powerful and life-changing lesson. It’s also thought to increase libido and boost the immune system, which can be helpful for a number of issues related to stress and anxiety.

6. Celestite Bracelet

Often mistaken for Angelite, Celestite is actually a rare blue stone that has a calming energy frequency that can help with social anxiety. It’s the ideal crystal for those who feel anxious in crowds or who have trouble speaking their mind, as it helps balance and calm negative thoughts that can cause a panic attack.

When a big worry or fear arises, tuck a piece of Celestite under your pillow or place it in your pocket before you head to bed. Its serene energy will help ease your frayed nerves and encourage a restful night of sleep. This stone is also great for reducing a hormone-based stress like PMS or hormonal imbalances.

It wouldn’t be a roundup of the best crystals for anxiety and stress relief without mentioning some light blue stones like Blue Lace Agate, Celestite, and Aquamarine. They can help balance and align your chakras, especially the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras, which are all associated with feeling safe and secure. They also help you connect to higher insight and spiritual guidance, so they’re a great option for anyone who suffers from stage fright or has difficulty in social situations. They’re also good to keep on hand if you’re having a difficult time expressing yourself, as they can encourage you to speak your mind and let your true feelings be known.

7. Celestite Necklace

There are many crystals that can help with anxiety and stress, but the best one will depend on your individual needs. For example, Throat chakra stones like Sodalite and Apatite are helpful for social anxiety as they clear blockages and encourage open communication. Other calming stones for anxiety include Aquamarine and Rhodonite, while grounding stones like Hematite and Black Tourmaline can keep you feeling safe and grounded.

Sky-blue celestite has a calming energy that soothes the mind and relaxes the body. It is believed to have healing properties for the crown chakra, allowing us to connect with our intuition and higher self. This stone may also help bypass the logical “what if” questions that often lead to stress and anxiety, encouraging you to trust your inner guidance.

If you are a naturally anxious person, try pairing your crystals with some mindfulness and meditation techniques. This will ensure that your crystals are working their magic, enhancing your natural calm and helping you to manage your symptoms. Remember, crystals are not a substitute for medical treatment, so make sure to talk to your healthcare provider for more support if necessary.