Powerful Armies
Powerful Armies

Few of the Biggest and Powerful Armies of all Time

Warfare and violence have been a part of our history since the day of its formation. People have utilized it as a medium to channelize their power and make matters meet. But how did they manage to do this? Well, things are possible when you have some of the largest armies under your control. With some massive firepower, these armies are considered to be the most powerful of all time. So to be more specific, here are those armies.

Roman Army

Conquering the Western World is not an easy process, and thus you need a good army. For that very purpose, the Romans used their strength and power to form one of the biggest armies in the world. Through time, they expanded their might and became an authoritative source to reckon with. Their professional soldiers were well trained at warfare, and thus they struck the enemy. The ability to keep coming for more, kept them alive, as they scaled through all odds to beat what’s ahead of them. By all means, they managed to keep the enemy at bay and move forward with confidence.

Mongol Army

Around 1 Million men were part of the Mongol army, and they took over 100 years to conquer most parts of Eurasia. But the significant part about this Army was their tactics. Unlike the rest, they employed various methods to come out on top, and the enemy would be surprised. Their hit and run form of attacks were the most brutal, but it managed to take them forward. These moves were the only reason they survived and played their part even while facing bigger armies.

Macedonian Army

The armies of Athens and Epirus were decimated by the hands of the Macedonian Army. Their high-level of organization and sophistication made them dangerous, and various armies were unable to understand their tactics. This formidable Army, created by Philip Ⅱ, had long spears that could go up to 18 feet. The mounted warriors were their primary source of the attack, and they used to shake the battleground to its core.

Nazi German Army

Capturing most of central and western Europe was the right kind of threat that the Nazi German Army sent to the world. Through innovative techniques and methods, they rewrote the aspects of war, and this shaped their path ahead. Speed and surprise were two aspects at their disposal, and they managed to use it to the fullest. Be it the Americans, Russians or Britons; the German Army was able to surpass them and become an essential part of World War Ⅱ. The rest of the story need not be continued because we all know what war caused.