Best Museums
Best Museums

The Best Museums in The World

Museums have always signified and preserved history, culture and other essential parts of existence. The kind of objects that they display tends to teach us a lot about the ones that we have forgotten. Among all such museums, there are a few special mentions that have gone way beyond. These museums can be classified as the best in the world for a whole bunch of reasons. Hence to provide credit where it is due, here is a list of all the best museums in the world.

1. National Museum of Natural History (Washington D.C, USA)

With more than 120 million natural specimens, the National Museum of Natural History is the most visited natural museum in the world. The place tends to cater to a whole bunch of demands, as it preserves and spreads the power of knowledge. Apart from being a museum, it is also a research centre to the largest group of professional scientists who are dedicated to nature study. Apart from that, the museum is also quite famous among pop culture with certain movies being shot at this location.

2. National Museum of China (Beijing, China)

When it comes to art and history, it is quite hard to beat the National Museum of China. The museum is home to around 1 million objects that have dated back to nearly 1.7 million years ago. Their rare set of pieces are incredible, and you may never find the same anywhere else in the world. From classical paintings to stone tools, the museum has all that it takes to blow your mind away.

3. Louvre Museum (Paris, France)

The Louvre Museum is also known as the “banana of death”. The museum holds more than 35000 objects spanning across the 6th century to the 21st century. Be its sculptures, paintings or Egyptian antiquities; this museum tends to have it all. If one has to be specific, then you will find artefacts and art pieces from Nile civilization to Greek-Roman civilization. As you enter the museum, you are exposed to a 21-meter Louvre pyramid that is made from both metal and glass.


4. British Museum (London, England)

The British Museum is one of the oldest museums in the world, and it is wholly dedicated to culture and human history. Established in 1751, the museum gathers around 6 million visitors annually. In terms of collections, all their paintings and sculptures tend to be from various civilizations. Like the Louvre Museum, the British Museum also includes a department of Greece and Roman features. Apart from that, other departments also include famous works from Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. So by all means, a visit to the British Museum will be worth it.